We have multiple projects in the works, and we would love for you to volunteer, pray and give so we can move forward with the following initiatives.

Current Projects


Project console

We are in the planning phase to plant a VR Church in the virtual worlds of Playstation VR, which is the only VR hardware our experience doesn’t reach. We reach all other devices. Project Console will create a VR Church experience for Playstation VR users. We plan to launch Project Console in 2019.

Project MENA

We are in the planning phase to plant a VR Church for Arabic-speaking countries. VR Church Middle East plans to launch in 2019 by providing a safe place for Arabic-speaking individuals to experience spirituality in a new dimension.

Project live

What would it look like to experience VR Church in physical locations outside of the home? That’s a question we are seeking to answer in 2019 by creating pop-up experiences in VR arcades and coffee shops all across the globe.

Project Seminary

We’ve have been developing a seminary for a new era and the next generation called Pocket Seminary. We believe this will transition very soon into VR Seminary, a seminary that exists entirely in VR.

Project Documentary

Our story is unique. We are the first church to exist in virtual reality, and there are many amazing stories to tell. Production of this documentary has already begun, and we look forward to telling stories never heard before.

Donate to these projects in the donate section of our website.